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All athletes require a membership and all forms to be filled out and have active use Wrestling card, that's new and current athletes and parents please take a few minutes to do so.

we are now offering 3 options. Day, Month, Year options.

Drop-In (day) $10.00

Monthly (full month) $50.00

yearly (full calendar year) $500.00

Day - practice

Month - Practice, 1 Private lessons

Year - practice, 1 Private lessons, Gear, & more....


If an athlete attends practice and has not enrolled in a plan, they will be charged the (Drop-In $10.00) rate per day + a ($5.00) penalty fee per day totaling ($15.00) per day.

(best way to maximize Monthly is pay bY the 1ST OF EACH MONTH, AND YEARLY PAY ASAP)

If there are issues, we are a family and we can't help if we don't know. Speak with Coach Chagolla if there are issues with payment, time, or any Questions.

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